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Ghosts of compassion

This text is fictional inspired by various experiences I have had in and out of my therapeutic practice. Any resemblance to a real person or events is purely coincidental. Image, Briton Rivière, Compassion; photoshopped by Ghost ren 3 Bruno loves riding his motorcycle; the vibrations going up his spine; the sensation of his body and … Continue reading Ghosts of compassion


When I feel sadness, my whole body seems to be drained of energy. A soft, tear-colored mist diffuses from behind my eyes and down into my chest. I want to curl up in a comfortable armchair or under a warm comforter. I want to let myself think about this thing, so precious that I lost.  … Continue reading Sadness

Breathing together – How to stop comparing ourselves

What questions do you ask when you meet someone for the first time? Personally, I purposefully avoid asking them about their work. More often than not this information comes out spontaneously and naturally. In the meantime, I savor the ability to listen unknowingly, as I enter into a space of neutrality and curiosity.   Most of … Continue reading Breathing together – How to stop comparing ourselves

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