The compassionate couch

In this guided imagery, you will be invited to explore a moment where you didn’t meet one of your goals. And from space of compassion, reconnect this difficult moment with compassion…


Reconnecting sadness & love

Reconnecting sadness to love
Discover this guidance that I offer when I follow someone suffering or struggling with sadness. Do not hesitate to consult a psychotherapist if this exercise seems too difficult to do on your own. I would be happy to have your feedback. Do not hesitate to share if you think of someone that this exercise can help.

Let’s take the time to rebuild our inner forests …


The smile exercice

Want to try an easy and soothing exercice?

This exercise was inspired by Compassion Focused Therapy. It was created specifically to activate social joy, the joy of a shared attention or presence.
Social joy helps to regulate negative emotions. This exercise was the subject of a scientific validation study.
You can see below a cloud of the words used (translated from french) by the participants of our research with the University of Lille.
This is what social joy looks like.
Feel like trying? What do you feel after the smile exercice?